Dream SMP members: Full list of members of Minecraft server in March 2022

Dream SMP is one of the most popular (more than likely, the most popular) Minecraft servers out there. It’s such a popular server that only a few players can actually get involved. It was started by the Dream Team but has grown significantly since then.

What started with three members has grown to 38, with SeaPeeKay and Aimsey being the 37th and 38th additions to the roster.

Tons of popular Minecraft streamers are involved, many of which will not come as a surprise. Here’s the complete list of members as of March 2022:

Dream SMP members: Full list of members of Minecraft server in March 2022

All Dream SMP Minecraft players as of March 2022

Naturally, the three most prominent players are the founders. The Dream Team consists of:

  1. Dream
  2. GeorgeNotFound
  3. Sapnap

However, there are still 35 incredibly popular gamers on the server right now, according to the official wiki, including:

  1. Callahan
  2. Awesamdude
  3. Ponk
  4. BadBoyHalo
  5. TommyInnit
  6. Punz
  7. Tubbo
  8. Fundy
  9. Purpled
  10. Wilbur Soot
  11. JSchlatt
  12. Skeppy
  13. Eret
  14. JackManifoldTV
  15. Nihachu
  16. Quackity
  17. Karl Jacobs
  18. HBomb
  19. Technoblade
  20. Antfrost
  21. Ph1LzA
  22. ConnorEatsPants
  23. CaptainPuffy
  24. Vikkstar
  25. Lazarbeam
  26. Ranboo
  27. Foolish Gamers
  28. Hannahxxrose
  29. Slimecicle
  30. Michaelmcchill
  31. Eryn
  32. TinaKitten
  33. BoomerNA
  34. Seapeekay
  35. Aimsey

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